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Re:evelyn 58 plus german edition. Evelyn E Smith Resurrected Selected Stories of Evelyn E Smith Crient-ils de plus en plus fort ou sommes-nous de plus en.
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It could have been finished as early as March, , for the letter which was the basis of one of the last three legends had reached Sens, and presumably Paris as well, early in that month. There are but two known manuscripts of the Stella maris of John of Garland: The manuscript now in the Public Library of Bruges is the most significant of all the known manuscripts of John of Garland because of its early date, the richness of the marginal and interlinear glosses, and the bulk of the work of John of Garland it contains. The volume, written in an irregular script of the second half of the thirteenth century on vellum, comprises folios, many of which have been damaged.

With the exception of the first number and the various brief items which fill in the blank spaces, it is devoted to the works of John of Garland.

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The text has been so frequently corrected that it is more accurate than the British Museum M manuscript, which was originally written with more care. Some of the corrections are in the book hand of the text, while others are in the semi-cursive of the gloss. Titles appear in faded red ink.

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Space has been left for rubric initial letters, but they have never been added. Numerous interlinear and marginal glosses, probably by a single hand, accompany the text, some of them of considerable length. There is some evidence that John of Garland himself wrote much of the gloss. The note at the bottom of the first folio is clearly his own, written in the first person. Certain other comments on the legends themselves must have been made by some one who had seen and read the manuscript of Ste.

The author of the gloss as a whole betrays a particular interest in the natural sciences, as does the Stella maris and many other works written by John of Garland.

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Other glosses must have been written for young boys learning the Latin language. They are intended to explain the meaning of difficult words, the gender of nouns, the particular conjugation to which a verb belonged, to point to an antecedent of a relative pronoun, or to identify a figure of speech. In the latter part of the manuscript some Latin words have been given French equivalents. The volume consists of two collections which have been bound together since the fifteenth century. Edmunds, R. The second is a medical collection with the Bury press mark, M.

The script, a hand of the thirteenth century, perhaps about , is more careful than that of the B manuscript.

It is possible that the same scribe wrote both text and glosses, for they are contemporary hands, and some of the corrections of the text are in the semi-cursive hand of the gloss. Adolf was probably an Englishman, perhaps even a monk of Bury. Most of the gloss he must have copied from the text he had before him, for it is at some points identical with that of the Bruges manuscript.

Some of the glosses were, however, composed by an Englishman who did not know the legends current in northern France.

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  8. The English glosses which appear on several folios are probably his also. Several other spellings of the text and gloss probably indicate English origin. The text of the M manuscript is written in two columns of thirty-three to forty-four lines each with the exception of the first and last folios.

    The first has but one column and the last three. The chapters are marked by the use of crude red and blue initial letters. Most of the titles appear in the margin in the semi-cursive hand of the gloss, the first seven in hands which differ from that in which the others are written. Two kinds of corrections have been made. The scribe did some in book-hand presumably when he copied the text. As for the relationship of M and B, the evidence is not entirely conclusive.

    There are some indications that a manuscript of the M type was used in the correction of B, and conclusive evidence that B itself, or a manuscript close to B, was used in the rubrication and probably the correction of M. After the text of B had been completed the same scribe, or possibly another who was a contemporary, corrected it and wrote the titles with the help of a second manuscript.

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    His second exemplar was not M, but it had some of the characteristics of M. The twenty-four lines of M, omitted in B, have a unity of their own, one of a series of brief pieces in praise of the Virgin covered by the title, de eius magnificentia usque ad finem libri.

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    The verses thus interpolated in M are, in all probability, from the pen of John of Garland. They are similar in form and theme 40 to others included under that title and elsewhere in the Stella maris. A striking case of agreement in error proves that either B, or a manuscript of the B type, was used in the rubrication of M. When B was copied, there was a thin place, or perhaps a tiny hole, in the vellum of folio 86 exactly where the red initial belongs at the beginning of legend no. The rubric was never made; nor was there a guide to the rubricator.

    The first word of the line in B, then, is [ A ] bbas. With use the weak spot wore into a hole with thin edges until it framed exactly the first letter of the line beneath on the next folio. The rubricator of M may have had the assistance of B when he marked the beginning of those chapters with a red paragraph sign.

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    The M manuscript, except for the last three folios, is even more liberally supplied with interlinear and marginal glosses than is B. The character of the commentary as a whole is similar to that of B and sometimes identical.

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    A theological discussion on the first folio, similar to that of the Quoniam prologue prefixed to the collection of St. The author of the glosses of M, however, was primarily interested in grammar and the natural sciences, not in theology. In fact, a comparison of the glosses of M and B leaves the impression of two students sitting in the class-room listening to their master lecture on the Stella maris who have decided to divide the labor of taking notes between them.

    Certain of the briefer remarks are identical, but the long glosses supplement each other. The M manuscript, it should be noted, has no French glosses after line ; and B, none before line At least, it can be said, that the bulk of the commentary of B and M must have emanated from the same general source. Just as the star of the sea, Virgo, shows itself in the north to sailors in danger, so his little book by means of the miracles of the Star of the Sea spreads forth the way of salvation amid the bitterness of the world to him and his students there in the studium at Paris.

    The two known manuscripts of the work have been used in the preparation of the edition. Because it is earlier in date and more adequately corrected, the aim has been to present as accurate a picture of the Bruges manuscript, as is consistent with the making of a legible text. In cases of garbled words, omissions, and errors in B, the readings of M have been adopted.

    Lines are lacking in B. The titles are those of the Bruges manuscript with the exception of that which prefaces the verse prologue and one other. The assistance of M has also been required in arranging the sub-divisions of the text. Numbers have been given to legends only, even though other sub-divisions have titles. The spelling is that of the Bruges manuscript with a few exceptions, and these have been noted.

    The prose preface which introduces the work as it has been edited is in reality a note at the bottom of the first folio of the Bruges manuscript. It has been used as a preface to the text for the following reasons: 1 It is indisputably by John of Garland himself. The corresponding preface of the M manuscript has been placed in a parallel position as a gloss. Interlinear notes are given without reference to their position on the folio; the location of others is indicated.

    Several of the verses quoted in the glosses have not been identified. Presumably they are from contemporary works. The Latin texts of the original versions of the narratives which John of Garland used could not be reproduced in the notes because of their bulk. Instead, brief English summaries have been placed at the beginning of each of the notes on the legends.

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    No attempt has been made, for instance, to include tales which are merely similar in theme or in a few details. Utrecht, []. Dissertation, University of Amsterdam. James, the Pseudo-Matthew, and the so-called Infancy gospels, edited by Constantinus de Tischendorf, Evangelia Apocrypha Leipzig, , besides numerous collections of miracles. Wilhelm Arndt and Bruno Krusch, Hanover, , ii, Henry L. Those compiled by Herman of Laon are printed in the appendix to De vita sua, pp. Marie virginis, Migne, P. Paris, Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, xxv, series B. Accessit Pothonis Prunveningensis prope Ratisbonam O.

    Dei genitricis Mariae. Vienna, Ithaca, Crane , pp. Neuhaus , op.