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Mild spoilers ahead! Oblivious Sage. Oblivious Sage Oblivious Sage 1 1 silver badge 16 16 bronze badges.

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I haven't reread Worm in a while, but I followed it pretty religiously back when it was being written, and I don't think there's anything in canon nor do I recall anything from WoG that suggests Panacea was in love with Glory Girl because of GG's powers. Our general policy on spoilers in titles seems to be don't.

I have no idea what you're talking about, but if this is indeed a spoiler, please try obscuring it enough that unsuspecting visitors don't get spoiled. Tanath Tanath 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges.

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Or will she stand tall as a gilded dark age dawns? The story began with Daybreak 1. Wildbow previously wrote two unrelated web serials, Pact and Twig , before returning to the Parahumans setting.

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You might be looking for the junior superhero team the Wards. Contents [ show ]. If not there, or if Parian were to get killed off, it'd have to be in some prequel or supplementary material.