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The Gift is a American supernatural thriller film directed by Sam Raimi, written by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson, and based on the alleged psychic.
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As Hannah Giorgis pointed out In The Atlantic , The Gift fails to include even one artist from East Africa, the region where The Lion King is set , and instead chooses to elevate artists from countries in Africa that have already experienced crossover commercial success in the United States. If anything, The Gift is a love letter to blackness.

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While the lack of East African representation on The Gift is a letdown, the album still celebrates African diversity by inviting artists to toggle between English and their native tongues, from Swahili to Twi to Bambara to Yoruba. Ultimately, The Gift is a deft balancing act that weighs personal songwriting flourishes and meaning with Disneycore tropes, as well as a sincere desire to celebrate the music of the African diaspora with its fundamentally commercial obligations.

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I mean to say that her sentences are carefully held out hands signing the theory and practice of generosity, speaking with such plain obscurity that what has been covered — the lonesome miracle of what it is to be together — is now visible. Barbara Browning has a PhD from Yale in comparative literature.

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The encampment remained in place until shortly after midnight on November 15, when the NYPD gave notice that protesters would be removed due to ostensibly unsanitary conditions. A little while later, they cleared everybody out. But it occurred to me that maybe if I began or, to be honest, continued super-producing both asked-for and unasked-for recordings of my uke covers as gifts, I could possibly help jump-start a creative gift economy that would spill over into the larger world of exchange.

Barbara Browning, The Gift.